Rishikesh is one of the sacred cities of India because the waters of the great Ganges river have always been considered miraculous. It is considered one of the most suitable places to absorb the beneficial energies that the internalization required by yoga techniques makes it more assimilable. Here we will stay and practice in Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi's Samadhiyogaashram where we will be immersed in the philosophical and spiritual magic of this area.

               goa  south

The trip is organized in a location south of Goa, more precisely in Agonda Beach, a quiet location away from the crowded centers, but full of restaurants, guest houses and Indian handicraft shops. Agonda is a safe place and close to places of interest such as waterfalls, spice plantations and beaches.
Agonda has an incredible peace and energy, and is the perfect place to take a few days in total recollection, away from stress and get to the bottom of yoga practice at the eco cave yoga cave of Sumit Baba Shankar teacher of Vedic philosophy and yoga.