Kirtan means "to cut cleanly" or to cut the idea of ​​separation to reconnect our hearts through the sound of music. We sing to the divine through the various forms in which it manifests itself. Kirtan is a call and answer concert. The passion for singing manifested in Radha from a young age. Her voice is an instrument of union with the divine and devotional singing allows her to live it fully. She collaborates with Mauro Tiberi and Gianluca Bacconi in a project of ecstatic singing and mantra accompanied by instruments of the Indian tradition. Sing and organize Kirtan with Eleonora Sargenti at Floema bistrot in Cerveteri, on the beach and wherever you can share the joy of feeling in harmony with the Universal Energy.

shamanic drum

The Drum is the most important ally of a Shaman. All shamans own it and take care of it as if it were a companion, a lover, a faithful friend, purifying, feeding, warming and beautifying it. The drum is also considered the horse of the Shaman, since it leads him to places of inner power, places of healing, places of dreams, places of beauty such as to open the heart. It puts him in contact with other dimensions: riding his drum, the shaman travels.
Angelo, thanks to the collaboration with Mauro Tiberi and Radha, organizes workshops in different locations near Rome where you can participate in the construction of your own drum or play in the shamanic circle. drums can be made on request even if the real practice is to create it by merging the energies of all the people present in what is a real ritual.