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We are an amateur sports association a few steps from Rome, Fiumicino, between the countryside of Maccarese and the beaches of Fregene  the activities are in Yoga, Ayurveda and Shamanism. We deal with teacher training 250 hours certified yoga CSEN and Yoga Alliance Italy, shamanism, retreats, trips and meetings for the awakening of awareness with various techniques and practices.


I am Flavia Ricordy, teacher and trainer of yoga and ayurveda. I cultivate a love for movement since childhood by studying artistic gymnastics and dance.......

tantra lessons

I teach and practice tantra yoga the way of union between spirit and matter..the way of union between Shiva the male energy and supreme consciousness and Shakti the female energy and divine creation.I have made 5 classes to accompany you gently in the infinite path of tantra where you can find teachings that come from the kaula tradition and more new age teachings that follow the vein of osho. There are chandra namaskara practices, tantra surya namaskara, tantra nyasa and yantra bija mantra and meditations and 1 couple practice of hatha tantra yoga. You can really rediscover and make wonderful
dancing together by freeing them through my guide..Trying to really feel in all your aspects if you judge yourself.i It will be a wonderful journey..namaste