"Massaging is not a technique but a spirit..your best Master is your patient's body..learn to see the body through your fingertips: the fingertips are the therapist's eyes. Learn to read the contours, the tensions and differences in body temperature that you are touching.
Listen to the body from the body .. He'll tell you what needs to be done. "
Swami Prajnapada

massage in pregnancy

"Calmed by his heart beat,

welcomed in the warmth of his body, cradled by his movements,
the whole world of the little one is his mother. "
(James Prescott)

foot reflexology

"What is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below" said Hermes Trismegistus in the Emerald Tablet, going to outline a very precise cosmic law. "

 ayurvedic massage

“Massage is health for animals, for birds, for all living beings. The wind blow massages the blades of grass, trees and shrubs: every being, even without knowing it, gives and receives massages at all times."
Charaka Samhita