radha samadhi yoga

The association was born from the deep passion for the world of yoga and Ayurveda with the intent to disseminate this great ancient knowledge that can 'awaken our existence. The yoga courses are held by Radha mainly in the area of Fiumicino (Maccarese-Fregene). At the same time Angelo holds workshops of shamanic drum and percussion circles. Minotauro Shaman takes care of courses and practices of Toltec Shamanism. Maya Swati Devi collaborates with Radha in the practices and courses of Tantrism. Radhasamadhi Yoga Ashram was recently born in the countryside of Cerveteri near Ceri, a place strongly desired to involve more and more souls in our path of light.

flavia ricordy  (radha)

At the age of 18 after having achieved the classical maturity, I discover the way of Yoga initially with Ashtanga, which strengthens me leaving me an indelible imprint.I practice Thai who quan with Maestro Orlando Boriglione for about 3 years rediscovering the fluidity and the silence, the density of the air and the space of my body. After a few years I dedicate myself to the practice of Hatha yoga in various schools in Italy, the Canary Islands, Morocco and India. Constant practice leads me to deepen the discipline of Yoga by attending a 200-hour teacher training course and obtaining the recognized CSEN and Yoga alliance diploma. So I start the infinite path of teaching by marrying the practice of Hatha Yoga Sivananda thanks to my Indian teacher Roshni Shekar who ignites the flame of my consciousness leading me into the abysses of my self through the chanting of mantras, pranayama, leasana and meditation integrating all the tools that Yoga offers to grow physically and spiritually. I broaden my horizons by participating in the master of Yoga in Pregnancy at the "Yogaroma" school that uses the Viny Yoga therapy method to accompany women in this sensitive period of their life. Study the Indian Foot Reflexology of Sri Govindan for the realignment of the chakras with Susanna Piccardi and in me the unstoppable desire to use my hands to communicate myself, to help others and express joy in contact. Lemie mani still ask for that vibration so I decide to complete the work on the subtle body through the traditional Ayurvedic massage Abhyangam, studied and practiced in the Ayurveda Thanal Home clinic in Varkala in Kerala (india) with my Indian teacher Sunita who passes her knowledge to me day by day only with the language of the heart .. the only one who never fails..the only one who finds inside secret passages in which to write without deleting and without vanishing.I discover this magnificent instrument and completely fall in love with it. I decide to train people able to express themselves through the hands, aspiring operators of Ayurvedic massage intended for the individual's psychophysical well-being, but also as a message of peace that starts from the center of our heart and reaches the center of our hands. Since last year I have been organizing kirtan and mantra meetings accompanied by my harmonium using the voice as an instrument of great union with universal energy. A short time ago I took the initiation from Master Yogi Vishnu and my strong and intense spiritual call led me to share his teachings daily through all possible ways and channels.

   Yogi Vishnu Panigrahi

He is an Indian spiritual master who follows the lines of his Gurus Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Rama. He lives in Rishikesh and offers his precious teachings in many Ashrams including World Peace Yoga School. He comes to Italy to drive together with the 250-hour Radha TTC CSEN yoga alliance and tantra Yoga retreats.


Since 1998 he has been studying and practicing Shamanism, working with different masters, he has learned different techniques of energy healing, he practices sacred geometry, auric operations (with the technique of the intense) and individual treatments of sacred shamanic geometry.


Yogini, teacher of tantrism and tantra yoga certified YACEP and 500 RYT YOGA ALLIANCE, author of the book "The tantric dancer".


Angelo has been a professional skipper for more than twenty years, traveling has always been a necessity for his work and essential in his free time to grow with his experiences. He loves nature, the world of Yoga and is a certified 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher.
Angelo knows the power of the shamanic drum, then begins to build some up to the realization of workshops, where in the practice of construction, in the circles of percussion and singing merge the energies of all participants in a powerful alchemy, liberating and ecstatic. Then continues his journey under the guidance of Minotauro Shaman, arrived on the path with his teacher Agustin Chaman de Armenteras.
In Radhasamadhi he takes care of the presidency and the activities related to the drum and the shamanic rituals. He is always happy to share his love for India and its culture, which he has had the good fortune to know through different travels and experiences.


Amerigo boriglione, physiotherapist, expert in manual techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and postural re-education, lover of the sea and devoted to mother nature.

Alessandra Cristilli

Born and raised surrounded by stones, crystals and metals, I am a passionate researcher of light frequencies that help maintain health and well-being in all dimensions of life. I work with the light frequencies of the children of the earth: crystals, gemstones and metals and I am in love with life in all its forms!

     sumit baba shankar

Shankar is a Yoga and Vedic philosophy teacher who offers training courses in India (Goa) and practices of various styles of yoga. He founded the "yoga cave initiative", a very special place immersed in the unspoiled nature of Agonda, where you can stay in a tent among the palm trees and the cows that turn happily. His passion for Yoga is invaluable and through his guide he consciously advances in the path of yoga.


My name is Francesca Spades and astrology has always been part of my life. It was little more than a fun as a young girl, it then sank for many years in my journey and emerged enriched by the studies that I conducted in parallel in the alchemical and esoteric field. The deepening of the karmic theme was natural and immediate when I picked up my ancient astrological knowledge. I always want to clarify that the fact that when we talk about astrology does not take into account neither magic nor divination. It is in fact a millenary sacred science useful for knowing oneself and investigating one's inner themes. It does not predict the future, it does not make it possible for you to materialize successes or desires, it only provides a guide and a cognitive tool. The astrologer is more similar to the therapist than to the magician. We should therefore ask ourselves in 2018, the era of Aquarius, of sharing, of nonconformity, of the fall of dogmas, how much Astrology could do for our society and for the lives of all of us every day. I think a lot. I hope you are of the same opinion. On this page you will find small astrological pills relating to the day's transits, insights, articles and the possibility of requesting karmic astrology consultations. For this purpose you can write to me privately at the email: francescaspades@gmail.com
I hope I can put my knowledge at the service of the community in the best possible way: humbly and with joy!